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Our Courier Service


Courier service with PL Logistics
is simpler than you ever could
have imagined. More so than any
other courier service in Connecticut...

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Rush Messenger Service


Our Rush Messenger Service is the
best in Connecticut, guaranteed.
No one understands better
than our couriers.

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Rush Delivery Service


Are you in need of quick,
last-minute delivery service?
There is no need to worry,
because PL Logistics is here to...

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Welcome To PL Logistics

For courier, rush messenger, or rush delivery service that you can rely on, dial the number of PL Logistics. No one else in Connecticut does messenger service and courier delivery like we do, and no one else executes same day delivery as swiftly as we do, guaranteed. PL Logistics has developed a reputation in the area for speedy service, and our couriers are the most professional and dedicated workers in the industry, bar none. If you need quick service that is also going to be affordable, get in touch with PL Logistics now!

Our rush messenger service will get your message from point A to point B in no time and without costing you a hefty price. PL Logistics is in the business of serving the community, and this includes keeping our prices low to cater to as many clients as possible, regardless of financial situation. 

Don't make the mistake of hiring rush messenger service from a less reputable or less dependable courier, because PL Logistics is waiting to serve you at a moment's notice. 

PL Logistics has created a culture that other couriers model themselves after. Our culture is based in hard work, customer service, low rates, and a level of expertise that can only manifest itself after years of experience.

When you hire PL Logistics for rush delivery service, your item or items will arrive promptly and your courier will be communicative and interactive. He or she will fill you in on any extra details that might be beneficial moving forward.

We take care of each one of our customers!

Customer Satisfaction

PL Logistics is the most sought after courier in all of Connecticut because we have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling the delivery and messaging needs of our clients.

We are passionate about our craft and will not settle for less than stellar service. If this sounds like the courier service for you, give us a call right now!

Phone: (860) 681-4285