About Us


PL Logistics provides your logical solutions.

Since we have over 26 years of experience in the industry, we dare you to find a more experienced and proven courier in all of Connecticut. Our courier is not only going to provide swift service, but he or she will also be communicative and accommodating to your specific needs. We understand that you might have particular requirements and preferences with regards to your rush messenger service or rush delivery service, and we are here to fulfill them. 

Unlike many other couriers that will simply punch in the clock and barely get the job done, PL Logistics is the courier that will go the extra mile to satisfy its clients. We want to be the courier service that gets to know your preferences; we want to be the courier who never lets you down and who delivers your message or delivery on time, every time. You can trust PL Logistics because our reputation is so flawless. There is a reason why we have received so many referrals through the years. We are simply that good.

PL Logistics has the expert couriers and the masterful culture to get the job done time and time again. You can rely on us when you need us the most.

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