Courier Service


Courier service with PL Logistics is simpler than you ever could have imagined.

More so than any other courier service in Hartford, CT, PL Logistics provides swift service. Our courier service is known in the area for getting to the destination rapidly in record time, and this is due to the diligence, passion, and work ethic of our couriers. We only hire couriers who have displayed prior zeal in the industry - couriers who are excited to wake up every morning and provide masterful service to our lucky customers.

PL Logistics provides its courier service for affordable rates for a couple of reasons. First, we don't feel the need to jack up our prices in order to prove our worth as a company; our high quality service does this for us. Secondly, PL Logistics aims to become the courier service that everyone in Hartford, CT can afford - not just a specific, wealthy demographic. There is nothing about solid courier service that should exclude certain citizens from gaining its access. We want to be the provider that includes everyone.

PL Logistics employs couriers that are skilled and experienced, yes, but also communicative and personable. We understand that certain clients are going to require specific details to be emphasized during the delivery process. Unlike less reputable courier services that will ignore specific requests and instead simply go about business as usual, PL Logistics make the effort to get to know your preferences and put them into action. We are genuinely interested in interacting with our clients and making things easy.

Don't make the mistake of hiring a less experienced and less accommodating courier service when you have the services of PL Logistics on your front door waiting.Taking into account the fact that we also keep our prices low, there simply isn't any reason why you would work with anyone else.

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